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The Polling Unit Ambassadors Nigeria is a socio-political group that encourages good governance in our society and interface between the electorate and the political office seekers by educating and mobilizing eligible voters to vote with a focus.
The Polling Unit Ambassadors Nigeria is designed to drive a new innovation; they will encourage party supremacy with a view to helping candidates to function strictly in line with party manifesto. This platform serves to rejuvenate and rebrand as a party that is responsive to the yearning of the electorate.Taking power realistically back to the People. The Polling Unit Ambassadors is committed to mobilizing and supporting all progressive and non-progressive eligible voters with PVC by purposefully redirecting their aspirations in pursuant of common interest to economy, credible and accountable leadership, come 2019 and beyond
The Polling Unit Ambassador Nigeria


To robustly put in spotlight the power of an eligible voter (with PVC) for a premeditated twenty (20) year master plan; to work, educate, mobilize, support, train and advocate for the emergence of responsible leadership and development through an established and organized Polling Unit Force (PUF).


Emerge political structure of our share dreams where the rule of law, constitutional rights of citizens and credible / accountable leadership through democratic process becomes the norms and culture that must be hungered, pursued and achieved.

The inauguration of the Polling Unit Ambassadors of Nigeria

The inauguration of the Polling Unit Ambassadors of Nigeria on 26th October, 2018 at the Merit House, Maitama Abuja.
This event marks the birth of a new generational peaceful revolution that will change our consciousness from a political incorrectness of BUSINESS AS USUAL to a modern political consciousness of correctness where INNOVATION, TECHNOLOGY and SERVICE is the driving mechanism for democratic governance for the development and prosperity of our people.
The core mandate of the Polling Unit Ambassadors of Nigeria is to educate, sensitize and mobilize eligible voters to see their PVCs as their power to enthrone good democratic governance by making wise and informed electoral choices. The idea is to organize and ensure generations of eligible voters who are conscious of their electoral right.
To raise Polling Unit Communities that would vote with a focus and the realization that power truly resides with the electorate.
PUAN also encourages the registration and collection of the Permanent Voters Card (PVCs) at the polling unit communities.
The slogan of the Polling Unit Ambassadors of Nigeria is “MY VOTE, MY CHOICE, MY POWER” This slogan aptly captures the vision, the mission and the drive of the Polling Unit Ambassadors of Nigeria. Our aim is to elevate the electorate to the position of the ultimate decider of elections in Nigeria through the power of his/her PVC, to make informed choice to ensure that person with integrity and unquestionable probity are elected into political offices in Nigeria.
We believe that vote rigging, vote buying and selling and other forms of electoral malpractices would be minimized.
PUAN realised that the Nigerian politicians have taken advantage of the dis-unity among the electorates at the polling unit communities, and have abused the opportunities given to them to serve the people. Our political system has been marred with corruption and high level electoral malpractices, organized and orchestrated by highly placed politicians. The electorates no longer have a say in our political system, this has hindered the development and prosperity of our people.
To resolve this menace, PUAN has taken this pragmatic political revolutional step to encourage a Polling Unit Electorate Structure at each of the 119,973 polling units across Nigeria.
The polling unit electorate structure comprises of all eligible voters, with PVCs resident at their respective polling unit community. These electorates will organized themselves into strong formidable groups at the polling unit environment. The polling unit electoral structure will serve as a mechanism to negotiate democratic dividend for the people at the polling unit community.
An organized polling unit electoral structure will discourage electoral malpractice, encourage good democratic governance, chase out bad politicians from our political system, increase democratic dividends and encourage more electoral participation at the polling unit community.
The polling unit community is a vital political structure for the survival of any democracy.
This structure needs to be given proper attention in electoral awareness and sensitization.
PUAN has a 25 years master plan that will revolutionalized the Nigerian political narrative for the greater good of the people.
In trying to achieve the reforms of our electoral system by educating, sensitizing and mobilizing eligible electorates in Nigeria to be aware of the power of their PVCs, the polling unit ambassadors of Nigeria will work closely with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Civil Society Organisation (CSOs), Electoral Reform Bodies both within and outside Nigeria, Donor Agencies, other partners and well-wishers to bring about true democratic practices and process to Nigeria and by extension Africa.
Join us today and make Nigeria a great nation

Amb. Capt. Dabas Suleiman.
Ambassador General PUAN

Inauguration Speech

My fellow Ambassadors of PUAN Home and in the Diaspora.
Ladies and Gentlemen.
I address you today as your Ambassador General.
Its been 72 hours that the Independent National Electoral commission (INEC) released its Accredidated list of Observers for the 2019 general election.
PUAN was not on this final list. This is a political decision taken by the leadership of INEC, and PUAN is not deterred by this decision.
We are committed to ensure that our electoral system becomes more of the peoples decision and choice, rather  than that of the CABALS.
By the pronouncement of INEC that every electorate resided in his/her Polling Unit  environment may wish to Observe or Monitor election proceedings at his Polling Unit.
PUAN stand by this pronouncement and hereby encouraged all our PUAs to Observe and Monitor all election proceedings at their various Polling Unit of resident.
Proceedings at the polling Unit should be properly documented and reports made to the office of the AA for onward delivery to the SA and National Headquarters.
This is a voluntary service to Nation building and all PUAs most conduct themselves appropriately and in accordance with the law at the polls.
Remember, we all Ambassadors of our various Polling Unit.
High moral standard and professional conduct is expected from all PUAs at the polls.
PUAs responsibilities for  Observation and Monitoring activities at the polls will be communicated soon from the office of the Secretary General.
The process of Accreditation was just too close to the 2019 general election, this gives little or no time for the training of our five hundred and ninety-nine thousand eight hundred and sixty five thousand Polling  Unit Ambassadors (PUAs) across Nigeria. (599,865) (119,973 Polling  Unit × 5 PUAs)
PUAN in collaboration with INEC and other stakeholders in the electoral system will commence training of all PUAs on electoral Observations and Monitoring after the 2019 general elections.
INEC is fully aware of the ability, capacity and wide courage of PUAN electoral activities across Nigeria.
PUAN is not just an Observation and Monitoring organization.
We have a strategy and mechanism to also track and monitor elected officials promises and campaign manifestos to the people, for effective and responsive representation.
Elected officials will now be monitored and evaluated by those who elected them into position of authority.
This will help checkmate non performing elected officials, increase and improve electoral participation by the electorate, improve dividends of DEMOCRACY to the people, discourage all forms of electoral manipulation/malpractice and encourage good democratic governance in our communities.
We believe that PUAN in its 25 years mandate will largely eradicate bad democratic governance in Nigeria and by extension Africa.
We must remain non-partisan and pursue our core mandate of ensuring that the electorate becomes the ultimate decider of all election results in Nigeria.
Thank you my Ambassadors

Amb. Capt. Dabas Suleiman         

Ambassador General PUAN

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